Flies Control Services

Are flies buzzing around your home or business, disrupting peace and posing hygiene concerns? Our comprehensive flies control service offers a multi-faceted approach to effectively eradicate flies and prevent their return. With a combination of residual spray application, misting, and strategically placed traps, we provide a thorough solution to rid your premises of these nuisance pests.

Fly Control Solutions: Effective Strategies for Eradication and Prevention

  1. Residual Spray: Our professional-grade residual spray targets flies at their source. Applied by our trained technicians, this potent spray creates a protective barrier around your property, effectively eliminating flies on contact and providing ongoing protection against future infestations. The residual effect ensures that flies that come into contact with treated surfaces are eradicated, providing lasting relief from these persistent pests.

  2. Misting: In addition to residual spraying, our misting system delivers a fine mist of insecticide throughout your property, targeting flies in areas where they are most active. This highly effective method ensures comprehensive coverage, reaching flies in hidden or hard-to-reach places. Our misting system is programmable and can be customized to release insecticide at optimal times, maximizing its effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact.

  3. Traps: Strategically placed traps serve as an additional line of defense against flies. Our traps are designed to attract flies with irresistible bait, luring them away from inhabited areas. Once flies enter the trap, they are unable to escape, leading to their capture and removal from your property. These traps are discreetly placed in areas prone to fly activity, providing targeted control and reducing fly populations over time.

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